Weekend ride in the Golf GTI

What can I tell you, all the friends are jealous and the girls are impressed! The car is great, and I was most enchanted by the sound of the vehicle and the digital cockpit – says Borna Paulik, the winner of the weekend ride in the Golf GTI.

And not without reason: he was awarded for excellence because in just four years, as long as he works in the Zubak Group, he broke the record and achieved as many as 10,000 interventions in his position as a dispatcher at the ORYX Assistance Call Center.

Kako nam je Borna pojasnio, njegovu poslu prethodi nezgoda na cesti koja se dogodi nekom od klijenata ORYX Asistencije. Potom na scenu stupa on – organizira hitni popravak, vučnu službu i prijevoz klijenta do kuće ili servisa, osigurava zamjensko vozilo ili rent a car, te po potrebi za klijenta i smještaj – što god je potrebno! I tako 0 do 24 sata, u tri smjene koje odrađuje skupa s kolegama u Mičevcu. A koliko je u tome i uspješan, svjedoči i vikend vožnja u Golfu GTI koju je od firme dobio na dar.

– The cockpit thrilled me because so far I have encountered two analog laps on the dashboard, and in the Golf everything is digitized, so there is a map of the area in which the driver moves or the ability to count laps on the track. Ma, much more! “It looks really brutal – this 30-year-old from Sesvete told us, pointing out only one objection, the one about higher fuel consumption, which, as he says, can be avoided by milder driving. Since the weather did not allow him, for example, to go to the sea, he used this valuable gift from Zubak Group while driving through the streets of Zagreb, where, as we find out, he did not go unnoticed.

– I think the Golf GTI is a car that needs an open road, but also, with a dose of caution, it is great for city driving. Plus, it’s a great makeup car. And what can I tell you, all my friends are jealous, and the girls are impressed! – adds Borna Paulik with a laugh.

Choosing a sports car for him was not a coincidence. Borna is an athlete himself, he has been training for more than 20 years, and he is extremely successful in that, he is a two-time Croatian champion in t aekwondo, winner of more than 80 medals in the sport, and is a black belt holder for the fourth day .

We asked Borna what the secret of his professional success was.

– Honestly, in the beginning I was lost and I didn’t get along well with the bosses. But after getting to know each other well, we started getting along better and better, so today I wouldn’t be breaking records in interventions if I didn’t have such a good team around me! – reveals Borna, adding that two more items are important for success in his work: filtering the importance of information provided by the party and good organization, which includes the speed of data entry and the idea of ​​the so-called. the next step.

– As an athlete, I love sports cars and that is why the Golf GTI was really a real reward for me – concluded Borna Paulik, concluding that his wish was fulfilled one hundred percent! And we agree; for such good employees, any reward is too small. Well done, Borna and thank you for being part of the Zubak Grupa!