Hiking is the best way to stay cool in this heatwave

Working with people is a dynamic and often unpredictable job, which means there is never a dull moment at the ORYX Assistance Call Center. While we handle large numbers of calls and give attention to details, we still manage to maintain a warm, human approach to clients.

This is all too familiar to our colleague Sandra Močilac, customer care specialist at the ORYX Assistance Call Center, whose job consists entirely of communication, be it with customers or colleagues.
Such work can be intense, requires regular mental and physical recharging, which Sandra does by hiking. It’s easy to see why, because the reward for conquering big heights is both a beautiful view, clean air and satisfaction equal to winning in sports.

What are your first memories related to nature and hiking?
Since early childhood, my grandfather took me mushrooms picking on school holidays. Those are to this day my most precious and carefree childhood memories!
Since then, I have improved my nature wandering to hiking, climbing, cycling, running, mostly combining several activities depending on the weather and season.
Hiking really is a great way to release excess energy, release stress, spend time with friends, push your own limits and meet new people and environments.

Which would be your proudest climbing moments, and is there fear at such heights?
A few years ago, I climbed Triglav, the highest peak of the Julian Alps at 2,864m. I went with experienced climbers from the mountaineering association Vučje Bratstvo, where I also completed the mountaineering school. In addition, I am also proud of the via ferrata via Italiana on Mangart, which is reputed to be one of the most demanding in the region. It was my personal wish and one of the most special moments that I will remember.
Regarding to fear, I never go hiking alone, the routes are always planned in detail and in advance and safety is our number one priority. There’s always risk of injury, and a certain amount of fear is present and normal, because the mountain always has the last word.

What is the best place for you to go hiking?
Velebit! It is a true example of primal wilderness, untouched nature where different breathtaking landscapes. The mountain is very perfect for climbing and I am always happy to return to Velebit. If we don’t have enough time for a two-day trip, our Medvednica and the Samobor mountains are always a good alternative.

When did you start hiking?
Interestingly, I took my first hiking steps with colleagues from ORYX Assistance. It was many years ago, and even though we no longer work together, we are still in contact and go hiking. I’m glad that our bur business relationships grew into real and lasting friendships. Current colleagues, except for Sanja, still haven’t shown interest so we socialize in other ways. For example, a few years ago, my colleague Davor and I went bungee jumping from the Maslenica Bridge! It was awesome!

Sandra, you were recently promoted to the position of Customer Care Specialist in the Contact Center Assistance department? What does your job consist of?

My working day consists of receiving complaints about the service provided, complaints about invoices received, possible reports of damage during the provision of the service, and receiving requests for refunds if one of our members organized a transportation service or roadside assistance by himself or by telephone or by e-mail. I also process complaints received for all our branches, as well as critical evaluations on the specialized websites. In order to adequately resolve and process cases, I listen to received phone calls, communicate with our Product Management Department, the Sales Department, the Service Network Department and, if necessary, with the after-sales managers of our AutoZubak branches.

How can hiking help your work?
Working with users, as well as new and old employees, requires a lot of patience and willingness to compromise. That’s exactly what being in nature teaches me, to focus on the step in front of me, not on the entire journey. It teaches me mental readiness for changes, quick and timely reaction to various situations. In the Call Center, we talk a lot, we communicate wishes, expectations, praise and successes, precisely because we want to have that open, warm, human approach to clients, colleagues and colleagues.