Together we achieve more.

Together we build a better future for us and our partners.

The market becomes more and more demanding, and we are accordingly more innovative and absolutely committed to being flexible in partnerships.

We are the ideal partner who provides full service tailored to our partners’ needs and capabilities.

Investing in learning and education along with our business portfolio development, we carefully build relationships with outstanding companies and brands.

Years of growth served us well, and we've learned all about our clients' needs and the changeable face of markets. We proudly present our clients testimonials.

„We are always guided by the idea of offering clients the services that they will recognize as safe and useful. This is the basis of our long-term partnership with Zubak Grupa, which was the first one to support us in the placement of our Assist+ service, within which we offer all our clients to wide range of ORYX Assistance products.“

Anita Markota Štriga

„In accordance with Euroherc values, we nurture a long-term partnership with Zubak Grupa based on mutual trust. We highly appreciate your knowledge and experience as well as the guaranteed quality of fast service that you provide us every day all these years.“

Željko Kordić

„OTP Banka always wants to provide its customers with top service and with Zubak Grupa we have a reliable and professional partner who shares our ambition of providing customers with added value and an excellent experience.“

Slaven Celić

„Zubak Grupa is a reliable partner dedicated to excellence. Together we share the same vision of ensuring the highest quality for our customers.“

Davot Tomašković

„Zubak Grupa is our long-term reliable business partner whose professionalism, range of products and exceptional service greatly help us ensure high mobility and agility (24/7/365) of our company's resources towards our customers."

Plamenko Barišić

„The quality of our services largely depend on the strength of our partners. It is in Zubak Grupa that we have found such a reliable partner, whose services continuously meet our high standards, resulting in mutual market growth and success.“

Hrvoje Radoš

Business partners

Our business ideas are transformed from sparks of potential into a flawless array of services thanks to our successful cooperation with partners.

„It has always been our pleasure to work with companies that recognize the significance of digital transformation and importance of innovation for establishing new market position. Although our cooperation started in 2020, we have been thrilled from the very beginning by the ambition, agility and innovation of Zubak Grupa as well as their recognition and adoption of new disruptive technologies which help them achieve broader strategic goals and priorities faster.“

„Zubak Grupa has chosen Microsoft technologies on its path to digital transformation. We are extremely pleased that Microsoft is supporting Zubak Grupa in the digitalization of services and business, and we believe our cooperation will further strengthen the position of Zubak Grupa in all operating markets and support all future business plans.“

„It's our pleasure to work with companies that recognize innovation as one of the prerequisites for their success and progress.“

Nikola Dujmović

„We are proud that our complete IT solutions have been part of Zubak Grupa for more than 30 years and that through a partnership approach in the implementation of advanced ideas, our experts contribute to the business excellence of all Zubak Grupa employees.“

Mario Hegedüs

„From the very beginning of our cooperation, Zubak Grupa has been an extremely reliable and professional partner that can be counted on in all situations.“

Martin Wienerroither

„Our long-standing cooperation and partnership with Zubak Grupa based on open dialogue allow us to jointly meet strategic challenges of the changing market and growing customer requirements. Providing innovative products and business solutions based on the strategy of sustainable development, we ensure competitiveness on the market, so that together with our Business Partner we have the potential for continued growth in the market for refinish repairs”

Want to achieve a business relationship we all can grow from?