Zubak Grupa shares 25% of profits with employees

Last year, Zubak Grupa presented to its employees a brand new bonus system for all 600 employees in 8 countries in which it operates today (Croatia, Austria, Italy, Slovenia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Montenegro, Northern Macedonia and Serbia). The bonus system takes into account financial criteria, but also the criteria of internal processes and employee engagement or satisfaction as one of the most important strategic goals of the company.

It was a successful 2021 for Zubak Grupa with net revenues increased by 18% compared to the previous year. Based on all set results, on March 17, 2022 employees were paid a total of 4.4 million kuna in bonuses, amounting to 25% of the profit from regular operations, or 20% of the total profit. All employees who were employed throughout the past year were paid the amount of HRK 3,090.17 net per employee, while others were paid a proportionate share in relation to the number of months they worked. The management, which today consists of 107 managers, directors and members of the Management Board, received higher amounts of up to several monthly salaries, all in accordance with individual criteria.

“Today is one of the proudest days of my career, and the careers of my team members, and I am glad that business results have enabled us to reward all our employees. Last year, we invested a lot in the development of non-financial motivation, increasing the number of vacation days, introducing a top internal communication application and many other activities. I am happy to see that all this investment is paid back with good results. This year, we expect continued revenue growth of 10%; 8% growth in Croatia and 58% growth in foreign markets.” – said Ivan Zubak, President of the Management Board of Zubak Grupa.