Up close and personal: Mate Petrovic, sales wizard at ORYX Assistance!

Over a million memberships, foreign markets expansion, many successful projects, intensive recruitment and employee training, but also having fun and an amazing time – this sums up the last few years of our sales director for ORYX Assistance – Mate Petrović!

Mate’s business journey began in 2018, when he was brought to Zubak Grupa to a young and very ambitious team of ORYX Assistance with big business development plans, regional expansion and a portfolio of assistance products for our B2B partners.
After a series of projects and activities that resulted in a business increase and creating a strategy for foreign markets expansion and redefinition of the sales organization, Mate moved from the position of Sales Manager to the position of Sales Director in 2020, and took over the helm of the entire sales organization in all 8 countries where ORYX Assistance is operating.
In 2022, Mate took over the Department of product management and together with the Sales Department further strengthened ORYX Assistance’s market position.

We have an ongoing joke that Mate can sell anything to anyone, and that we have to be careful not to say “yes” to just about anything he has in mind. The mere fact that he’s a long-standing teacher at a renowned public speaking academy for years says volumes about his sales communication and public speaking.

This time we reversed his sales role and had his colleagues to ask him non-sales questions!

Mate, what did you want to be when you were a kid?
I wanted to be Bruce Lee. Even after 9 years of karate training, I was not even close, I got stuck with the blue belt. The only black belt I still own is the one for my trousers. 😀

What would you do if you won the EuroJackpot?
A portion of the winnings would be invested, a portion would be reserved for those I love the most, another portion would be donated to those in greater need, and a small portion would be used for some personal indulgences.

You are the Sales Director at ORYX Assistance, and for the fifth year in a row, under your leadership, ORYX Assistance has become more successful, and has expanded to other countries in the region. What is the secret to this growth?
I like to say that things can only go downhill on their own. And when it comes to sales, “going downhill” is not an option. In any business, the secret to success is persistent and dedicated work. Additionally, you need to have a clear goal, a plan how you’ll achieve it, focus, motivation, enthusiasm, proactivity, and a love for what you do. I can say for myself that I’m a workaholic, but as I approach my work seriously, I also like to have serious fun because good results only come from a good working atmosphere. It is important to set an example and promote all of these elements and to transmit them to the entire team, which is very important to me and to which I am very dedicated to.

Furthermore, the secret lies in our continuously improving business and sales model for ORYX Assistance. All sales activities we undertake are meticulously planned and prepared. We approach every partner seriously, analytically, and through an individual approach. With the know-how that we have, our collaboration models and solutions result in mutual success and the creation of new value, and in doing so, we build long-term partnerships.

What was the first thing you sold in your sales career?
A Zepter baking pan with a non-stick bottom. Could you believe it?

What are some of the little things that bring you joy?
Kisses, hugs, and my daughter Marta’s smile…all of those little private and business successes… Helping someone when they least expect it… Playing the guitar and entertaining people… Good company… Laughter… A good joke… These things are actually the big things!

Can you imagine working in something other than sales?
Of course, I can, it’s just a question of how much I want to! 😀

What is your life motto?
Never settle for the situation you find yourself in. If you accept your fate, you don’t deserve better!

What is your favorite product from ORYX Assistance?
The team working at ORYX Assistance! Without no desire to sound like a cliché, but that is the truth! Our product is everything we sell and deliver to our partners, customers, and how we change the market. It includes all the products, processes, activities, and values delivered by the amazing team working at ORYX Assistance, which is what gives added value to everything we do.