International day of automechanics and drivers 2023

In Zubak Grupa, every year we celebrate January 15, the Day of Car Mechanics and Drivers.

The high quality, speed, and professionalism of ORYX Assistance are largely owed to our partners, truck drivers, tug drivers, and van drivers… who go to the moon and back for you, at any time of day and night.

We are proud that AutoZubak is your first choice for buying and servicing vehicles. We maintain the highest level of quality thanks to our auto mechanics in Sesvetski Kraljevec, Sesvete, Velika Gorica, Varaždin, Sisak, Požega, and Osijek.

On January 15, the Day of Car Mechanics and Drivers, we congratulate our colleagues in all industries. Thank you for doing your job in the highest quality possible, all with a smile.