Zubak Grupa awards more than 100 of its most successful employees

Many successful companies reward top results, but the most successful ones reward loyalty many times over, in both the short and long term. In light of Zubak Grupa’s  TOP 3 Croatian employers award, as well as excellent 2022 results, the most successful employees and employees who have been with the company for many years were awarded at the annual company party last weekend in Zagreb, on December 10.

The Zubak Grupa Gold badge is the highest honor and reward for results, loyalty, and collegiality in Zubak Grupa, so it was appropriate that it was awarded to people who have entrusted Zubak Grupa with their knowledge, excellence, results, as well as promoting the corporate values of Zubak Grupa.

Krešimir Domitrek started his career in Zubak Grupa as a student, shipping new vehicles and in the spare parts warehouse. During his 26-year-long career, he went through several positions and locations at Zubak Grupa. Today he is in the position of regional director for car aftersales in AutoZubak.

Danijel Ivanković joined Zubak Grupa 19 years ago. Starting from the service advisor position in AutoZubak Varaždin, his exceptional knowledge, care for his team, and love for work got him the position of regional director of after-sales, which he still holds today.

Antonio Novak, regional director of vehicle sales at AutoZubak jump-started his career at AutoZubak in Sesvetski Kraljevac and is still passionate about selling cars, results of which have got him Zubak Grupa’s Gold badge for 17 years of loyalty.

Marina Samardžić is director of the ORYX Agency for Insurance Representation, was also awarded a Gold badge and a check for 10,000kn. Marina has been with the company for 15 years, and leads one of the strongest teams, also declared the most successful automotive agency in 2018 and 2019.

Igor Rupar started his career in the AutoZubak car fleet department. In the span of a 14-year career, with his knowledge and excellent managerial skills, he rose to the position of director of the most awarded Croatian rent-a-car, ORYX Rent a car.

Denis Tepša started as a professional associate in after-sales, and this year marks his lucky thirteenth year in Zubak Grupa. Today, Denis is a textbook example of an executive operations director at Neostar who loves focus, thoroughness, and preparedness.

Additionally, 113 jubilee employees who celebrated ten, fifteen, twenty, and even forty-five years of work in the company in the last three years were rewarded with valuable gifts for their loyalty,