Zubak Grupa employees receive more than half a million euros in bonuses

For the second year in a row, Zubak Grupa rewarded its employees for business results during 2022 by paying them almost a quarter of the net profit through the bonus system introduced in 2021.
The bonus system takes into account financial criteria, but also criteria of internal processes and employee engagement or satisfaction as one of the most important strategic goals of the company.
Zubak Grupa and affiliated companies in all 7 countries achieved revenue growth of 16% in 2022, but pre-tax profit is 11% lower than the year before as a result of a significant increase in costs, primarily investment in hiring an additional 60 employees, wage growth, but also a significant increase in energy costs and other operating costs.
Based on these results, yesterday, March 27, 2023 all 600 employees received a little more than 540.000 euros in bonuses, which makes up almost a quarter of the profit from regular business.
All employees who were employed for the entire past year were paid a minimum amount of 315.10 euros net per employee, while others were paid a proportional part in relation to the number of months they worked. The management, which consists of 110 managers, directors and members of the Board, received higher amounts and up to several monthly salaries, all in accordance with the individual criteria met.