Cleaning lady in AutoZubak Osijek!

Already at 5:15 in the morning he walks with the keys to Divaltova in Osijek towards AutoZubak in Osijek. Slobodanka Bojić has been working for the company for 18 years, since the branch office in Osijek opened its doors. A nice housekeeper full of life is a favorite of the branch office in Osijek’s AutoZubak. Why, find out more in a mini interview!

How are you, dear Boba?

– Yes, yes, that’s right, I’m Bob! Nobody knows me here under Slobodanka, I’ve always been Aunt Bob. I come to work first, before 6 o’clock, and only around 8 o’clock it will be alive here. My task is to make everything shine before the first client enters AutoZubak. There is a lot of work here, washing glass, tiles, windows, and again glass, tiles, windows …

Is there time for coffee? Is there lot of work? 

– No coffee, we go to work first, and then it’s just coffee. And coffee is not drunk sitting down. I’m not paid to sit. I make coffee, so the cup is next to me on a counter, so whenever I pass, I sip a little, haha. And he has work to do! It is a large building, there is an Audi showroom, Škoda, service, delivery space, laundry, used vehicles …

What is the hardest and what is the dirtiest? 

– My morning priority is to “tidy up” the salons right in the morning so no one walks me while the floors are drying. I “solve” it by half past seven, and then I move on. I am everywhere and nothing is difficult for me. In our salons, everything is in glass and it actually spins in a circle – glass, tiles, glass, tiles, and so on in a circle!

What is the atmosphere like at work?

I’ve been here for 18 years, everyone knows me, and the guys at the company are perfect! Without false modesty, we are the most orderly business unit. There are Alen, Vjeko … And the most important is the boss Gabi, there’s no way I can’t mention her. I have absolute freedom in my work and the boss does not follow me and does not check me. We are also kidding that there is a rule that whenever a new employee comes, they bring him to me for an interview first, hahaha!

Do you have the strength after work?

– Of course, I have two beautiful daughters and a husband. Jasmina lives in Zagreb, plays the violin at the Croatian National Theater in Zagreb and in the string quartet Libra. Another daughter, Dunja, plays the flute, loves animals and is a veterinarian. I have a garden at home, a dog, an orchard, tulips, walnuts … There is always work to do! My husband Ali is a great support to me, so write that I haven’t forgotten him haha!

Colleagues love you also for their great positivity! 

Yes, I’m happy! I am like a bird that has been singing since the early morning, as soon as I open a company! You have to make yourself good-natured, it’s easiest to be frowning!

Colleagues about Slobodanka:

Our Boba is synonymous with a clean and radiant facility!- Gabrijela Ivanković

A good and always interesting colleague! – Vjeko Kolarić

Boba is the good soul of our branch. Always gentle and friendly! – Ivana Vukašinović

Whether for a joke or for help, call Boba becauseshe will jump in first! – Alen Ember