The Zubak family company is also family to me

Ljiljana Turčić is an accountant in the Zubak Group, whose merits and contributions deserve a place in the “Our Legends” section. In her 27 years in the company, she grew and developed privately and professionally, and suffice it to say that she got a job when Zubak Group was called VAG Commerce.

Dear Ljiljana, what were your beginnings in the company?

I was hired as a clerk for the introduction of spare parts in the warehouse, back in 1994. Initially, I worked in Sesvetski Kraljevec, and after a very short time, I ended up in accounting for posting invoices, statements and the like.

Then, in 2000, we moved to Sesvete, and here, for more than 20 years, I have been happily coming to work at this location.

How have been working at Zubak Group all these years? 

It’s very nice to me! This is the job I chose and I really adore it! I really wouldn’t want to do anything else because I’m doing what I love. I feel good in the Zubak Group, partly because a lot of my family members work or have worked here. Namely, my daughter, who is currently on maternity leave, also works as an accountant at this location. And my husband Josip was in the car body work until last year, when he retired. This means that this company is a family business for me personally, which I am especially proud of!

How did you experience all the changes in Zubak Grupa?

The changes are normal and welcome, and there have been a lot of them in these almost 30 years. Zubak Group has experienced a big “boom”, we have expanded our activities to all sides, it is no longer just the sale and servicing of vehicles. Everything is growing, more and more young and quality staff is being employed, there are still a few of us “seniors” left.

What advice would you give to young people who want to get a job in the accounting industry?

Patience, focus and work. Nothing will be handed over to you on a platter and don’t expect praise after every job done. You have time, and you’re not too old to change professions, change jobs, and change colleagues. There are young and old of us in the office, and we complement each other well in that generational mix.

Ljilja, in your long career you have won jubilee awards several times. Can you tell us what for? 

Yes, I am grateful to my employer for recognizing my work and effort and I already have a lot of awards in my career. Watches are usually donated on these occasions, so I can say that I already have an enviable collection! Additionally, one year, together with my then boss Mirjana Glamuzina, I was chosen as the best worker in the company.

What are your favorite moments in Zubak Grupa?

My favorite time was the beginnings in Sesvetski Kraljevec. It was one small family in which we all knew each other, there were about 20 of us. Until today, this “small community” began to expand rapidly, to more than 600 of us!



Ljiljana is a good person and a worker, and she is always ready to help. Oh, yes I have to mention this: she also makes great cakes. – Gordana Bosnić

We have been working together for many years and I can say all the best about my colleague Ljilja. She is hardworking, responsible, hardworking and gives her best. When something seems unsolvable, she will again find ways to resolve it. For any job we put her in, she would manage and do everything in five. As a friend she is very sincere and sensitive even though she does not show it. Everyone in the company knows that Ljilja is – in a word – a LEGEND! – Rosvida Topolovec

Lily – if it weren’t for her, you should invent her! When it is necessary to introduce order among those who create confusion in our accounting lines (read: shout), there it is, when it is necessary to correct the nebulae we break, there it is! Besides, she bakes the best Hungarian. – Nikolina Skelin