8 job functions in 14 years in the company, but the goal is in front of me!

Dario Stipanović is the Regional Director for Vehicle Sales at AutoZubak, responsible for the sale of new and used vehicles at Sesvetski Kraljevec, Požega and Split. When it is known that in the last 14 years, since he joined the Zubak Group, he has changed as many as eight functions, then Dario is certainly one of the most invited guests of our Career path section.

This is the most responsible function I have performed so far, and as a great help there is a team of hardworking and professional people I work with every day – this 40-year-old from Karlovac explained to us. On this occasion, we reminded him of all the important steps of his successful career.

How were your beginnings?
In my younger days, given that computer science and computers were my great passion, the first few years I started in this area.

But that was just a “warm-up” for a key event, wasn’t it?
That’s right, in 2007 I came to Zubak Group and my life took a completely different direction. I came as part of the team in charge of implementing the software application for vehicle tracking in the system of the then UVP, and today’s Movens – and stayed.

How was your business at Zubak Group?
I started working for Zubak Group in 2007 as part of a team that was completing a project application implementation project for vehicle tracking in the then AMC Fleet Management system. My main task was to update the database of all customers who had contracts for this service and enroll in a new software solution.

In April 2008, the Department for Key Customers was established to deal with the sale of UVP (fleet management) services, today’s Movens < / a>, where I started working as an After Sales Administrator. In that period, in addition to operational work, I learned all the processes for quality delivery of the service itself, and I had direct contacts with customers and contractual service providers, which significantly helped me to progress to the place in February 2010 After-sales manager for key customers . As a manager, I was responsible for managing all processes of delivering contracted services to customers for more than 4,000 cars.

In November 2013, I took over the position of After Sales Coordinator in the Key Accounts Department. In February 2015, I took over the position of Sales Coordinator for Key Customers .

By merging the companies ORYX Grupa d.o.o. and AutoZubak d.o.o. in December 2018, I will take over the position of Head of the Long-Term Lease Department , where I took responsibility for the sales and after-sales segments of the service Movens , Fleet Management. In September 2019, I will take over the position of Director of the Long-Term Lease Department . I held that position until April last year, when I took over the position of Regional Director of Vehicle Sales .

With such an impressive business journey, it seems like you’ve accomplished everything. Do you still have unfulfilled ambitions and plans?
It is difficult to say that I have met all the business goals because everyone in the company is constantly evolving and improving their knowledge. I will always be grateful for the trust and investment in my development as an employee, but in people.

How is your work atmosphere?
The atmosphere at work is always positive for us. Everyone involved in car sales, and above all, must love it in order to be successful in the end. I must certainly not forget all the colleagues from the after-sales who, after the vehicles are sold, continue to work tirelessly to ensure that all customers are satisfied in the long run. I am very happy to have been surrounded throughout my career by colleagues who are very professional and always willing to help and transfer their knowledge, and some have also become very good friends outside the business environment.

Out of work, you’re known for cycling.
Haha, yes. After an early day, I mostly like to ride a bike and go for a ride in the woods. The combination of nature and physical activity is the best way to completely disconnect because in those hours of downhill I have to be maximally focused so as not to fall and injure myself. During Covid, I tried to bike more, I collected more shorter sections and mostly in my own arrangement.

Colleagues about Dario:

Dario is a colleague for the most difficult and complex tasks for which there are no words “I don’t know” or “I can’t”. But that’s why on weekends when he gets on his bike and climbs Sljeme and rushes back to the city, he immediately recharges his batteries and is ready for new work challenges! – Toni Moškov

Extremely diligent, dedicated and hearty in his work. Calm, moody and willing to help, I never saw him in a bad mood! – Tamara Rajšić

It would be strange if he did not progress as far as he did with his specific style and distinctive approach! That British humor with a dose of refined sarcasm is something that definitely brightens life and gives a realistic picture of the topic of discussion! Ever since he became the regional director, we have been missing him in the office next to us, but I certainly congratulate him from the bottom of my heart! – Josipa Gospić