I love winning, and that is easiest with the best team in AutoZubak!

Krešimir Domitrek joined AutoZubak back in 1996, and on December 2, 2021, he turned 25 in Zubak Group. He has changed several jobs within the company, and what they all have in common is that they are dynamic, demanding and with a high share of decision making. After only a few minutes of conversation, you will see that these are the qualities that adorn our Krešimir Domitrek, director of the region for car aftermarket in AutoZubak.

How was was your start at Zubak Grupa?

The first job I got here was while studying at the Faculty of Traffic Sciences, the company was then called Auto Centar Zubak. I was 20 years old, I studied and to be honest, I was not actively looking for a job. But they called me so I said “OK, why not?”. And I never regretted it. I started in the department of shipping and receiving new cars and stayed there for two years.

Besides there, where did you work else?

I worked in a spare parts warehouse, after which I was promoted to warehouse manager. After a while, I moved to the position of Deputy After Sales Manager to soon become an After Sales Manager. Between that and today’s position of regional director of after-sales, I worked as the director of the branch office in Varaždin. I also ran two branches in Istria, Pula and Rovinj, as well as branches in Velika Gorica and Sesvete.

You were more like a crisis manager during that period?

That’s right, in the crisis years, I went where something needed to be improved organizationally. Each form of work I went through then had its own specifics and stories. Just don’t ask me which job was my favorite because I can’t decide. Each gave me great experience and acquaintances with people, and I was lucky enough to pass all the levels within the aftermarket. Now, let’s say, I work with people more than before, and I love that because people are the ones who define business success after all. I traveled a lot and spent a lot more time in the car, but that was not a problem for me.

What did this “shuffling” of locations teach you?

It taught me to make quick decisions, quick reflexes, filtering important from irrelevant information, but the most important thing for me is that I appreciate people a lot more and understand their problems. This helps me to do my job better and easier. If a man in the warehouse tells me he has a problem, I know exactly what he’s talking about because I’ve had such problems myself. Five or 15 years ago, anyway, I can figure out exactly what the problem is. And when you can identify with a colleague, the job is done faster and painlessly, to the mutual satisfaction. In the whole of Croatia, AutoZubak has about 240 people. And in my department, I am personally in charge of Zagreb, which has three branches, then Varaždin and Požega. That’s a total of about 150 employees. I am also in charge of procurement and logistics within the Zubak Grups and for the Movens Department, our fleet aftermarket in the Zubak Grupa.

If we can’t ask you what your favorite job position is, then let us ask you why you love working at Zubak Grupa!

Zubak Group is number one in this industry in Croatia. We are first class, something like Real Madrid. I really love doing this job, and I love competing and winning even more. And that is easier to achieve when you play for Real Madrid than for smaller and weaker teams. The aftermarket business is very wide-ranging and actually covers everything that happens to the car after the customer picks it up. Our part of the job is customer care, regular services, insurance, sheet metal and varnish repairs, spare parts … There is that!

Wherever and with whomever I work, it is extremely important to me that the people I work with continue to progress in their careers, and that what we have developed together they continue to improve and that as the Zubak Grupa we all progress.


Krešo is in love with work and good food (booze goes without saying). A long-time colleague with inexhaustible energy, the flow of his thoughts is so fast that sometimes he can’t even hear himself. – Danijel Ivanković

Krešo never gives up and loves what he does, it is the formula of a successful person in business. – Dimitrije Trbović

He knows all the catalogs from JettA from 2001, and sometimes he’s even right. In short – a colleague, mentor, friend. All in one! – Alen Lacić

Krešo is full of experience, always ready to work, but also to have fun. Thanks to him for a lot of help in business! – Ante Vukičević